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IT Support, Computer Repair & Upgrades, & More

Looking for a same day PC repair or IT support? We can often schedule one of our expert computer repair technicians to come out to you the same day, we can help you remotely via our remote IT services, or you can visit our computer repair shops in Staines or Bagshot. Please visit our contact us page for further information and contact details or call 01784 770 402 or 01276 818 698.

Complete IT Support

Offering Professional IT Support services to both Business & Residential users, OneTouchServices provide laptop repair, PC repair, computer repair, networking setup and support – both wired and wireless, general troubleshooting and more. Operating throughout Surrey and surrounding Hampshire, Berkshire & Greater London, why not see how we can help you today? Call us on 01784 770 402 (Staines Shop) or 01276 818 698 (Bagshot Shop)

PC Repair, Laptop Repair, or Computer Repair

Is your PC or laptop having issues? Does your PC have an error message? Or does your laptop have a cracked screen? Do not fear! OneTouchServices is here to assist you with your pc repair or laptop repair. With technology and computers affecting our everyday lives having a broken computer can really limit your daily activities or restrict your work, school, or social capabilities. OneTouchServices is here to assist in your computer repair returning your PC or laptop back to normal operating standards.

Our Expert Team

Our expert team is on hand to help with virus removal from your computer, installing a hardware upgrade such as additional RAM or an SSD, replacing your laptop screen, keyboard or D.C. jack, speeding up a slow PC or Laptop, data recovery, and many more services. View our services page for a more comprehensive list or select from the list of our most popular services in the left-hand navigation.

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Want to know how your business can be improved by our IT Solutions or are you looking for a computer repair? Schedule a consultation with us!

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The Future of IT Support

As technology continues to progress, the ways we receive or send information changes and evolves.