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OneTouchServices, a computer shop that provides repair services in the Surrey and Greater London area has been established since early 2005.  This computer shop started off by simply offering call out support for most repair needs. Since then OneTouchServices has steadily grown increasing their increasing their repair services.  OneTouchServices currently provides services on every level of ICT and Data Technology. We presently have a broad client base spanning from Accountants to Equestrian Specialists.

OneTouchServices Products and Services Include

OneTouchServices also offers package deals, which are available on all products and services at a very competitive price! For information and details regarding OneTouchServices package offers, please visit our services page for additional details.

Expert IT Solutions

Our range of IT services (which can be bundled together as a package) will resolve any IT problems you, our your business, may face. Our IT solutions will help your business run faster and more effecient. As a proud Value Added Reseller (VAR), we want to emphasize the importance of having a more wholesome IT product in your company. The quality of our products and services is extremely important to us, because we thrive on customer satisfaction.

Computer Shop Lab

While your machine is in our possession, all repairs including PC repairs, laptop repairs, and computer repairs will all be completed in OneTouchServices repair lab.

OneTouchServices provides services on both the consumer and business level. We thoroughly enjoy maintaining good customer relationships with all of our clients. As a computer shop OneTouchServices hopes to continue growth by providing superior services at a good value, excellent customer service, and maintaining great customer relations between all of our clients.

OneTouchServices Mission Statement

  • Provide exceptional products and services for every client, customized to the clients’ precise needs.
  • Through the development of a clients idea’s and their current setup, tailor make a package which is individually suited to each client.
  • Develop an excellent rapport with customers through our professionalism.

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Looking for a computer shop that can help with all your repair needs?  Contact OneTouchServices where you can rest assured, you are in good hands!