Top 5 Tips for Home Security

Here we’ve compiled what we think are the top 5 tips to help prevent burglaries and keep your home safe this year.

5 Tips for Home Security

1) Perimeter Security

Is your garden open to the world or have you got a fence all the way around and a lockable gate? Having a strong 6 foot fence and locked gate around your property can help make it hard to access parts which are out of view and therefore vulnerable. In any particularly vulnerable areas it’s also worth considering planting some pretty evergreen plants such as Pyracantha with their beautiful berries and needle-like-thorns they provide an excellent deterrent as well as year round colour to your garden.

2) Window Security

Do you close and lock all windows when you’re out or asleep? Simply closing them isn’t sufficient, you must ensure the handle is down to stop them being pulled open; if you leave and your windows aren’t correctly closed it could invalidate home insurance. Have you got single pane or double glazed windows? Double glazed windows help provide an additional layer of security due to having two layers of glass to break.

3) Door Security

When was the last time you looked at the security of your lock? Ensure that on a UPVC door it has a multi-point locking mechanism, where when the handle is lifted it engages bolts or latches in different places, making it more difficult to crowbar open. It’s worth looking at the lock itself too. If you’ve had the same lock for a few years, look to replace the cylinder to an anti-snap type which prevents the cylinder being snapped or if it is. still then prevents it being opened still – these type of entries are becoming more common. With wooden doors, look to have a latch lock for daytime use, but also a 5 lever Mortice lock for night time and for when you are out, and make sure you use it. A 5 lever Mortice lock will likely be a requirement for your home insurance too.

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4) Light Security

With the cover of darkness burglars prefer night time as they can creep about virtually undetected, with that in mind shedding some light on the matter with a motion sensitive security light can help scare a burglar off and prevent you being victim. Just like you should with a smoke alarm, if you have one then test your security light to make sure it comes on at night, if you don’t have one then look to have one fitted by an electrician.

5) Noise Security

When you go out for the evening, rather than switch all the lights off and make it look like your house is empty, leave your lounge or bedroom light on and a radio or TV with the volume turned up so if someone does approach your house with had intentions it appears that there is someone home, which can help avoid a break-in attempt.

Bonus Tip

Garage, Shed & Van Security

Vehicle contents and tool theft appear to be on the rise too. As a simple but effective means of notification, look to purchase a battery operated PIR motion sensor with plugin type doorbell chime, the PIR sensor can be placed in the garages, sheds and vans and, when triggered late at night, will alert you that someone has managed to break in. These usually have a 100m transmission range so are great if your vehicle or shed isn’t close to your home.

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