Computer Troubleshooting

There are many reasons your computer might be causing you problems and a lot of those reasons can be solved through the process of computer troubleshooting. Below you will find a list of basic computer troubleshooting you can go through to see if it is a simple fix or you need to contact OneTouchServices to fix the problem if it still persists.

Basic Computer Troubleshooting

computer troubleshooting
Before you immediately contact OneTouchServices for an issue such as, “My computer is running slow, how do I fix it?” see if you can fix it with a list of basic computer troubleshooting.

  • Restart – Before you try anything else, try restarting your computer. If your computer has not been restarted in a long time, sometimes this can fix any issues you may be having.
  • Check for Windows Update – If windows has not been updated in awhile, check to see if it needs an update in your settings. If there is a windows update then run the update and restart your computer and this may fix some issues you are having.
  • Free Hard Drive Space – If you are running low on hard drive space this can cause you computer to run slow or even freeze up. Try freeing up some space on your hard drive to allow more room for temporary files.
  • Scan for malware/viruses – If you have an antivirus software installed on your computer run it to check for malware/viruses that could be causing your computer trouble.
  • Update Drivers – Check to see if your drivers need to be updated. If your drivers need to be updated, especially video drivers, this can cause many issues including a slow performance.
  • Computer Upgrades – If you are running an old computer you may want to consider upgrading certain aspects of your computer such as memory or processor speed to improve performance.
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    None of our basic troubleshooting steps worked? Visit our contact page to have OneTouchServices troubleshoot your computer for more complicated issues or give us a call:
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