Reasons You Need a Security System for Your Home or Business

Homes and businesses deserve to be protected with top-tier security systems. Otherwise, they’ll be open to possible risks or losses. In this day and age, a security system for your home is a necessity to ensure peace of mind and property protection. Not only do our home  or business security systems protect your property from being burglarized, but they also protect your family or employees from harm.

Security Systems for Your Home

Burglary Protection

Everyone thinks that it will never happen to them… until it does. The truth is, that a burglary takes place at someone’s home about every 2 minutes (according to Neighbourhood Watch), totaling more than 250,000 burglaries a year! Any one of those could be your home, but a home security system deters would-be burglars from choosing your house as their target.

Fire Protection

Fire can destroy property more quickly than anything else. Our home smart alarm systems can be equipped with heat detectors and serve as a warning system for signs of smoke or flame. Your home security system can alert the fire department faster than you can, and can potentially save your home from burning down.

Gas Defense

Colorless, odorless gas is one of the most insidious threats that homeowners must be vigilant against. Some home security systems can detect carbon monoxide from common sources, such as your stove or heating system. Such a home security system can save your life, as you wouldn’t be able to detect what’s wrong with your own senses.

Outdoor Vandalizing Protection

Our home security systems can also keep a sharp eye on your outside property with the use of a CCTV video surveillance system. Your outdoor property is often the most vulnerable to vandalism. But vandals will often think twice if they realize they’ll be caught on camera in the act.

Security Systems for Your Business

Your business is arguably the most valuable asset you own. A security system tailored specifically for your business can help you keep it that way.

Protect Your Assets

Your business is filled with assets, both physical and digital. One of our business security systems can help you keep your workplace safe from theft or vandalism. In the event of a burglary, you’ll be more likely to recover your stolen property with evidence collected by your security system. A security system can also alert the authorities fast enough that they may be able to prevent a theft from being completed in the first place.

Secure Your Cash/Income

While it’s tempting to simply trust all of your employees, some are less trustworthy than others. Having business security systems in place will alert you to unethical employees stealing your business’ cash (or assets) and compromising your bottom line. Such a monitoring system will also prevent the temptation of theft by itself, preventing the incident from occurring at all.

Ensure a Safe Working Environment

Your employees will only feel safe if they are confident that they’re protected by their employer. Our business security systems will let you keep an eye on the happenings of your business even when you aren’t around. This can protect your employees from physical or sexual harassment and possibly assist you or victims in legal cases when video evidence is needed the most.

Contact OneTouchServices for Security System Installation

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