Overheated Computer Repair

All computers generate heat while they’re in use. Despite the precautionary measures manufacturer’s take, such as fans, vents, and heatsinks, these don’t always operate at their fullest capacity. As a result, you may notice that your laptop or PC shows signs of overheating and in need of an overheated computer repair service.ROWCOLUMN

What are the Signs of Overheating?

Even when not operating adequately, there are a couple of things your computer will do in an attempt to prevent the machine from overheating:

  • The fans will run high and may become noisy, alerting you to the sound and the heat coming from the computer.
  • The system will slow down if the heat gets too high. The ‘thermal throttle’ forces processors to run at slower speeds, generating less heat.

Of course, one of the most obvious signs of your machine overheating is that the unit itself will get very, very hot, sometimes too hot to touch if cooling mechanisms aren’t working. This overheating can cause severe damage to your unit. Monitoring your computer’s temperature while operating is a good idea. The temperature of your CPU should be 60°C at the most, but try to keep it around 35-45°C to be on the safe side.

Heat Damage

If your computer is regularly running hot, not only is this going to affect performance (slowing down considerably, shutting off unexpectedly) but it can also affect the hardware of your machine. Poorly-cooled computers can experience damage to the motherboard, melting components, and even smoking from the parts.

Overheated Computer Repair

If a computer is reaching these temperatures, it’s vital to ensure the correct repairs are made to prevent further damage or complete machine failure. At OneTouchServices, our experienced technicians can determine what damage has been caused and if parts can be repaired or need replacing.

Overheated Computer Repair from OneTouchServices

Our expert staff is trained to determine the causes of your computer overheating issues, whether they are hardware or software related. We can thoroughly clean your machine with specialised tools, making sure all vents are free from debris which could be impeding the cooling fans. We will check to ensure the internal components of your computer are free from heat damage and make recommendations on any computer repairs, replacements, or upgrades you need.

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At OneTouchServices, our goal is to have your machine working correctly all the time, without risk of overheating. If you think your computer is getting too hot or are concerned about heat damage, get in touch with us today.