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Installations & Computer Upgrades

Hard Drives (Including Data transfer) – Upgrading your hard drive will allow for more storage space as well as an improved speed when copying large files.

R.A.M (desktops & laptops) – An upgrade to your R.A.M will allow for multitasking and efficiency to your system without having to worry about it slowing down.

DVD-RW/DVD-ROM devices – The benefits of choosing DVD-RW is that the data on the disc is re-recordable and can be erased and recorded several times while a DVD-ROM device is a read-only disc that has a storage limit.

Motherboards – Motherboards are one of the most important components to a computer. Upgrading the motherboard can enable more system customization and potentially increase expansion slot number.

Sound Cards – A sound card upgrade has the benefit of improving overall sound quality specifically with signal-to-noise ratios, replaceable op-amps and high end digital-to-analog converters.

Video / Graphics Cards – Many graphics cards come with their own dedicated memory allowing the computer to perform faster. An upgrade in this department would open up more memory on your system and in a lot of cases, allow for even more multitasking.

Network Cards (Wireless & Wired) – Wireless networks allow for the ability to freely move around within the area of the network while wired networks is going to be faster and more secure which makes the choice between the two a matter of preference. The upgrade of a network card can mean an increase in potential speed, range, or a combination of both.

Multimedia systems – Multimedia systems allow for the integration of digital video and audio in computers.

Digital Camera’s – The upgrade or installation of a camera with your computer can bring benefits such as video conferencing in the corporate world, personal relationships and education/training.

Software – The importance of upgrading your systems software centers around security, smooth running hardware, and new features.

Computer Repairs

Non warranty repairs – Something break outside of your warranty? Don’t worry, our computer parts store has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to make the repair.

Laptop screen replacementLaptop screen repair

Laptop keyboard repair or replacementGeneral laptop repair

Desktop repair – Along with laptop repair, we also repair desktops. Bring your desktop repairing needs to one of our computer parts stores.

Software repairs

computer parts store

Computer Networking

Network Installation (Wired/Wireless)Network installations

In Home/Office System Setup* – Instead of coming into our computer parts store, try our in home/office system setup. *Includes PC & 2 Additional Peripherals.

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