Laptop Repair

Laptop accidents can happen at any time and typically occur when you are least prepared. Here at One Touch Services, one of our main focuses is on laptop repair and maintenance. Our team of experts understands how big of an inconvenience it is to have issues with your laptop. Whether you rely on it for work or personal reasons, a broken or faulty laptop can quickly cause you to fall behind. One Touch Services works quickly to repair your broken or faulty laptop with the intent of restoring it back to its standard operating capabilities.

Our Laptop Repair Services Include

laptop repair

  • Broken Laptop Screen
  • Screen replacement – sizes from 7-20″
  • Keyboard repair or replacement
  • D.C. Jack / Power adapter repair or replacement
  • USB Port Repair or replacement
  • Cracked or broken casing replacement
  • Touch Pad / Synaptic Pad repair or replacement
  • Graphics card repair or replacement
  • Broken DC Jack
  • Fan replacement and heat sink cleaning
  • Motherboard repair or replacement
  • RAM Checking and replacement

    Laptop Repair Signs

    Has your laptop recently started operating differently? Or had issues working properly?  If you have noticed any of the following signs then it might be time to contact us to organize some maintenance or laptop repairs.

    • Unexpected screen freezes
    • Restarts or suddenly shut down without user input
    • Vertical or horizontal lines on the screen
    • Giant screen pixelation
    • Will only occasionally start
    • Sparking noise coming from within the laptop
    • Plug wobbles excessively
    • Touch pad will not work
    • Keyboard does not work properly
    • USB ports do not work
    • Laptop gets very hot when on
    • Continuous beeping

    If you believe your laptop has obtained a virus, requires upgrades, or has crashed and lost files, please contact us today to schedule your laptop repair or laptop maintenance needs!  To utilize our instant quote option, please visit our homepage and use the drop-down menu to select your laptop make and repair type.


    Is your computer or laptop not working efficiently? One Touch Services offers repair services such as computer repair, laptop repair, laptop screen repair, virus removal, network support and PC repair in the Surrey and surrounding Hampshire, Berkshire & Greater London area. Additionally, One Touch Services offers a mobile technician available by appointment for your convenience.

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