Computer Services

PC Callout Support for Computer Repair Services**

Installations, Repairs & Upgrades£50 + VAT/Hour
Backup/Restore£50 + VAT/Hour
Wired & Wireless Networking£50 + VAT/Hour
Troubleshooting & Virus Removal£50 + VAT/Hour
Laptop Repair (Inc. Laptop Screen Repair & Keyboard Repair)£50 + VAT/Hour

* 1 Hour minimum charge per service call.
** Travel charges are incurred outside of a 15 mile radius

PC Callout Support** Unsociable hours+

Installations, Repairs & Upgrades£66.67 + VAT/Hour
Backup/Restore£66.67 + VAT/Hour
Wired & Wireless Networking£66.67 + VAT/Hour
Troubleshooting & Virus Removal£66.67 + VAT/Hour
Laptop Repair (Inc. Laptop Screen Repair & Keyboard Repair)£66.67 + VAT/Hour

+ Unsocial hours between 20:00 – 09:00 hours, Sundays & Public Holidays
Unsociable hours will only apply for computer repair services scheduled to start after 20:00

Web Design & Development

1 Page, Simple design + 1 Logo. Includes first years hostingFrom £299 + VAT
2 - 5 Pages, Simple Design + 1 Logo. Includes first years hostingFrom £599 + VAT
Extra Pages£50 + VAT
CGI Forms & Counters£50 + VAT
Custom Made Packages
Website Maintenance£50 + VAT/Hour

Remote Support

Troubleshooting/Virus Removal**£50 + VAT/Hour
Backup/Restore**£50 + VAT/Hour
Server Administration£50 + VAT/Hour

* 30 Minutes Minimum charge per remote service call
** May require in-house service.

Offsite Services

PC Built to Specification£100 + VAT
Servicing & Preening (Fan & Fins clean)£50 + VAT
File Recovery£50 + VAT/Hour


Software Coding

More About Our Computer Repair Services

computer repair services

Under Installations, Repairs, and Upgrades you can find out why you might want/need to upgrade certain parts of your PC or why you may need computer repair services. On that page we talk about every part of a PC including: Hard Drives, R.A.M., DVD-RW/DVD-ROM Devices, Motherboards, Soundcards, Video/Graphics Cards, Network cards, Multimedia systems, Digital camera’s, and Software. We offer upgrades to all of these computer parts, visit that page to found out the benefits of installing upgrades to specific parts of your computer.

If you are interested in Network support as a part of our computer repair services then be sure to visit that page. We offer wireless network support and wired network support. Whether you are having problems connecting to a single router or multiple connections, OneTouchServices is here to make that process a lot smoother for you.

Have you ever had your computer slow way down or start acting really strange? Chances are you have a virus and need to visit our virus removal/troubleshooting page. Here at OneTouchServices we can analyze your setup and your system to make sure all anti-virus software is up to date and running properly as well as troubleshoot any other issued with viruses you may have.

If you have a laptop that has screen damage or also needs repair in general then make sure you visit our laptop repair page as well as our laptop screen repair page.

Contact Us

If you are interested in computer repair services, visit our contact us page.


Is your computer or laptop not working efficiently? One Touch Services offers repair services such as computer repair, laptop repair, laptop screen repair, virus removal, network support and PC repair in the Surrey and surrounding Hampshire, Berkshire & Greater London area. Additionally, One Touch Services offers a mobile technician available by appointment for your convenience.

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