Published: February 15, 2015

HP G62 fan cleaning. Very close to overheating and damaging graphics chip

Just cleaning a fan on an HP G62 laptop. The customer reported that when it had been on for half an hour or more it would get extremely hot underneath and that it often became slow or unresponsive too. We collected it from his house in Staines near Egham, Surrey; took it apart about half hour ago and just in the process of putting it back together now.

It’s not a good idea to let it get this bad before you think about cleaning it or getting it cleaned. A annual clean can save you a lot of money in the long run, if the graphics card overheats regularly it can cause lots of damage and it can be a lot more costly.

Why not call us today on 01784 770 402, we can visit you at home, at work or wherever is convenient to you and often have it cleaned and back to you within 24 hours at a very reasonable price.


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