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5 Ways to Select a Computer Repair Shop

When you’re having computer troubles that need professional help, you want to make sure you choose the right computer repair shop the first time around. Hiring the wrong technician can make the problem worse, resulting in more costly repairs for you. While it’s an urgent matter and you want your

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Overheated Computer Repair

All computers generate heat while they’re in use. Despite the precautionary measures manufacturer’s take, such as fans, vents, and heatsinks, these don’t always operate at their fullest capacity. As a result, you may notice that your laptop or PC shows signs of overheating and in need of an overheated computer

Beware of Britain’s Overpriced Computer & Laptop Repair

Our computers and laptops are essential parts of our lives. We use them for work, for entertainment, to stay connected with our loved ones, and as a source of information. We use them every day, and when something goes wrong, we hope that the computer repair shop we choose to

OneTouchServices Launches Redesigned Website

OneTouchServices182C Kingston RoadStainesTW18 1PE01784 770 402 OneTouchServices Launches Redesigned Website FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE STAINES, July 5, 2019 – OneTouchServices is proud to announce that their redesigned website has successfully launched. Providing services on every level of IT and Data Technology, the company is pleased to offer a newly designed, easy-to-navigate

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Keyboard & Mouse USB Devices Not Recognized

USB devices (Predominantly Keyboard & Mouse) not recognized on Windows 10 We’ve just had an interesting, and new to us, issue on a customers PC. They’d been using Windows 10 for several months without issue, then one day they turned it on to find that the keyboard and mouse was

Device Manager Blank Windows 7

Device Manager appears blank in Windows 7 – Resetting Registry permissions After having a customers machine in with a blank device manager, as well as blank in network connections, we discovered it was down to a registry permissions issue. The easiest way is to reset all registry keys to default.

Touch/Synaptics & USB Mouse Issues

Touch / Synaptics pad won’t move & USB mouse doesn’t work – Code 19 We came across this issue the other day with a customers machines where neither the touch pad or a USB would make the mouse cursor move. We checked all the usual places including function keys, all

Forcefully clearing Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7 Print queue

Something which is often frustrating is a print job getting stuck in the print queue and no matter how many times you hit cancel, unplug/switch of the printer, try pleading with it – it just won’t go! Your last option is normally to restart the PC or Laptop *sigh* Well

How to Prevent Met Police, PCeU, Strathclyde Police, Ukash etc. Virus

There seem to be hundreds of guides on the internet on how to remove these virus/exploits but very few on how to prevent them. These different variations of the same exploit/virus have been around since roughly 2010 and have caused a lot of people headaches! The first thing to say

Virus scan failed – Attachment manager?

Just had a customers laptop in for virus removal. Once we’d removed the virus we found that it wouldn’t allow you to download files through IE, Chrome, Firefox or any other browser. Of course we don’t know if this was caused by the virus or if it was a pre-existing