Published: November 4, 2019

Advantages and Disadvantages of Remote IT Support

Remote IT support is a very convenient way to ensure you have the help you need, but is it the best IT solution for your business? Here are the perks and the downsides to choosing a remote IT solution.

remote it support

Remote IT Support Advantages

Fast Response IT Support

Remote IT is extremely helpful if you need a tech solution fast. In most cases, contacting a remote IT specialist will get you the support or solution you need faster than if you physically went to a repair shop or customer center.


This ties into another great advantage of a remote IT solution: convenience. There’s no doubt that it’s incredibly inconvenient and tiring to have to unplug your computer and bring all your equipment to a physical repair location. Remote IT support doesn’t require you to leave your computer chair in most cases.


Even if a single remote IT specialist can’t assist you with your needs, they can easily contact and collaborate with the OneTouchServices IT team in just seconds. This is far more efficient compared to a single onsite technician, who may have to leave and come back if they encounter something that they can’t solve by themselves.

Cost Effective

Remote IT is advantageous because it often costs less money or is totally free when compared to onsite technical support. While you will usually still pay a fee for advanced IT support delivered remotely, you won’t have to pay for gas. The cost for remote IT labor is usually cheaper overall, as well.

Small Business IT Support

Remote IT solutions extends to small businesses. For instance, it’s much cheaper to rely on remote IT for a new branch of your business opening in a different city than it is to hire an entirely new IT team for that branch. A single well-trained business IT support team working remotely can handle multiple branches of a single business without rushing from location to location.

Remote IT Support Disadvantages


For starters, remote IT opens up your computer or business to hacking or software theft. This is mainly a problem with unlicensed or unknown IT support companies. However, working with a dedicated support team you can trust, like OneTouchServices, is a great way to guarantee your security while still benefiting from the advantages of remote IT support.

Hardware Issues

Of course, not all IT problems can be solved through software magic alone. Some problems are based on hardware and require onsite assistance. Therefore, IT companies like OneTouchServices normally have multiple service locations so they can often dispatch someone to you. Our wide availability also makes it easy to find a service location near your home or business for hardware fixes.

Contact OneTouchServices for a Remote IT Solution for your Business

All in all, the benefits of remote IT support outweigh the possible downsides. Contact OneTouchServices to guarantee a remote IT support team that will always deliver results for whatever you need. And if you need someone onsite, depending on your location we may be able to accommodate you with that too!

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