Laptop and PC Repair near Sunningdale

Having issues with your PC or laptop can cause anyone to become frustrated. Maybe you are experiencing a slow or unresponsive PC. Avoid this frustration with OneTouchServices PC repair near Sunningdale services and more.

PC Repair near Sunningdalecomputer repair services pc repair near sunningdale

Overtime PC’s can begin to run slower or freeze more often.  Sometimes, this is related to a virus while other times it is related to outdated software and/or hardware. Whether you are needing help with virus removal or looking to upgrade your PC, OneTouchServices PC repair near Sunningdale is here to help. With our extensive knowledge of PC repairs and more, our team will help get your PC operating smoothly again.

Virus Removal and File Recovery

In addition to our pc repair near Sunningdale OneTouchServices offers virus removal and file recovery services. Computer virus’ can cause your system to become unstable.  While we are ensuring virus removal from your system,  OneTouchServices can analyze your current system setup and network activity, cure any possible software bugs,  and ensure all anti-virus definitions are up-to-date, leaving you with a clean and protected computer system. 

With OneTouchServices state of the art file retrieval software, we can often recover files that were deleted years ago, repair partially corrupt files and more. 

Laptop Repair near Sunningdale

Has your laptop experienced any of the following?  If so, contact OneTouchServices today where our expert IT team is waiting to assist you with your laptop repair.

  • Unexpected screen freezes
  • Restarts or suddenly shut down without user input
  • Vertical or horizontal lines on the screen
  • Giant screen pixelation
  • Will only occasionally start
  • Sparking noise coming from within the laptop
  • Plug wobbles excessively
  • Touchpad will not work
  • Keyboard does not work properly
  • USB ports do not work
  • Laptop gets very hot when on
  • Continuous beeping

Network Support

Having a good network setup has become extremely important over the past ten years.  Whether you need a home or business network, OneTouchServices offers configuration and installation of wireless and wired networks.

Wireless Network Support: With the increase in phones, laptops and other wireless devices wireless networks have become very popular.  Let OneTouchServices assist you with setting up and securing your wireless network ensuring you have internet access on all your devices when you need it most.
Wired Network Support: Wired networks generally have fewer problems than wireless networks, but some still may find OneTouchServices network support help when working through connectivity issues.

Contact Us | Laptop and PC Repair Near Sunningdale

Are you interested in OneTouch’s repair services?  If you are in need of laptop or PC repair near Sunningdale, visit our contact page or give us a call at 01784 770402. OneTouchServices has two convenient locations to assist you best!


Is your computer or laptop not working efficiently? One Touch Services offers repair services such as computer repair, laptop repair, laptop screen repair, virus removal, network support and PC repair in the Surrey and surrounding Hampshire, Berkshire & Greater London area. Additionally, One Touch Services offers a mobile technician available by appointment for your convenience.

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